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[August 7th, 2006]


[August 2nd, 2006]

what do you think the chances are that we'll meet someday?
because it would be marvelous to hug someone who really understands.

(i'm still drinking out of the ocean every chance i get)
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things i've been thinking about [June 27th, 2006]


"silence receives us and the field of peace hush of the measureless land, the unabated distances, shape of the one and single substance and the million forms replinish us, restore us and unite us with your vast images of quietness and joy, stride of the undulant night, come swiftly now, engulf us silence, in your great starred secrecy; speak to our hearts, for we have, save this, no speech." - thomas wolfe 'the four horsemen'

i have always been empty
i have always been filled
i must remember i am not the source

- saul williams (from his book she)
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[June 27th, 2006]

This community is very much locked. It is made for the few that feel so very connected, as if they've lived together for eternity in a private land. Where the moon is always up, the sun is always shining & there is no joint need for the sun to bow out at dusk or the moon to bow down at dawn. Words, lyrics, photographs and stories all send shivers down our spine.

A place to communicate, a place to write letters, a place to be ourselves, in a familiar enviorment.

01. Chances are if you're here, you've been invited, please leave the username of the inviter. openumbrella invited you? Come on in :]
02. Moderated membership, to keep things clean and limited to those who belong in this world of our on.
03. Post: photos, song lyrics, letters (to those in the community, to those who'll never see), secrets, stories, prose, poetry, be creative.
04. Comment & be active.

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